Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Review Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Review Specifications


Samsung is the best android smartphone for many reasons. Every year they bring many smartphones and Samsung is the boss of the maker of many flagships. Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE  was released on 2016 and now it is the best android phone. a few days ago Samsung has launched their latest giant smartphone s8 but s8 is not available in all country. That’s why Samsung s7 and s7 Edge more popular than s8.



Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Review Specifications

Galaxy S7 Edge has a very premium look.The Galaxy S7 Edge is downright gorgeous for its mentionable design. The curved screen is Samsung’s new surprising invention and this year curve screen will be very popular in smartphones. Samsung had released many smartphones but S7 EDGE is the best smartphone from Samsung. Now, s8 have reviled but before s8, s7 edge mentioned the best smartphone.


S7 build by metal and glass body and it has  IP68 water resistant feature, and Samsung S7 available in black or gold in the market.Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE doesn’t impress only in look rather s7 edge overall very good. It’s more attractive than Galaxy S7. S7 EDGE have the best It has the best optics, crackling screen!


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Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE Review Specifications

S7 EDGE has 5.5-inch quad HD panel screen with dual curved edges.the design of the S7 Edge is stunning. Maybe Samsung has stuck with its super AMOLED screen.and it has a curved display also.If wanna buy a super look’s smartphone then you should go for Samsung galaxy s7 edge.

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Features And Specifications:


Samsung has built by 6 GB RAM and paired with Snapdragon 821 processor, That’s why Samsung’s performance improved from its before.  Samsung S7 edge battery included with 3400 mAh battery meaning you can easily spend a whole day with it.Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has 12 MP rear sensor camera with a f/1.7 aperture. And the front-facing 8MP selfie shooter camera that’s why you can take a picture with your friends easily.

Besides these Samsung’s all feature included in Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE. Fingerprint Sensor, 3D gyroscope sensor. If you buy a VR Box and adapt your s7 edge then we will see that the whole world moving before you.

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You can easily play all types of games, You can lead a good smartphone life.The camera, Gaming Performance and overall performance are very good. in my view, it is the best smartphone of 2016 and then. And it looks so much good, there are many good looking smartphones in the markets but I think Samsung galaxy s7 edge is the best-looking android smartphone ever.


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