Muslim Pro – A must Have app for Muslim

Muslim Pro – A Must-Have app for Muslim


A real Muslim do many good things in their every day. Islam is built on five pillars.And the five component are clairaudients, prayers, fast, hajj, zakat. And now, in every Muslim country and other country’s Muslim are keeping fast. A Muslim do salah five times in a day that’s why every Muslim needs to follow azan time; they read the holy Quran, and they should give Zakah that’s why they need a zakat calculator, they do maximum dhikr
times in a day, so they need a tasbih for calculating this. If you get everything which I mentioned above in a single app?? will not it be so helpful?? Yes, it will be a great help for Muslim. And Muslim Pro app has all features which are I wrote before!!


Muslim Pro Features:

Islamic Pro is a must-have app for every Muslim for every day in a year, and It has a lot of useful features, I just wondered when I research it. Every year the app developers are adding more features, and now it is a just excellent app. Let’s explain what you will find in this app.


Muslim Pro Premium versions have a lot of azan sound by different qari Firstly when you open this app, that time you will see a location popup, then you should press activate location. It will be finding your place and fix the azan time automatically, and every five azan times Muslim pro will be playing an azan which you selected before


In Muslim Pro app, you will find a quick calendar, Sheri time and iftar time, besides Muslim Pro app, you will find a free schedule, Sheri time and iftar time, besides these, you can see many wallpapers by default about Ramadan.

Muslim Pro must Have app for Muslim



Quran is a tremendous and significant feature in this app. you can read Full Quran, you can translate Quran from Arabic to many languages, you can play Every single surah from Quran by difference Qari, and you can change Quran read style and background!


Zikr is significant deeds, and every prayer does it regularly by tasbih.and you can find that tasbih in this app and tasbih’s button has many colors. Just awesome


Zakah Calculator:

Zakah is a sensitive issue; you should calculate everything that you have and calculate them by a means. And you can figure zakah easily by this app!!!


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This app tracks your location then it finds near the mosque and halal hotel. Halal hotel means where you can find all halal food.


Muslim Pro can detect your Qibla. If you go in a rural area and you can’t track which side is Qibla. That time this app will help you to locate your Qibla.

Besides These features, there are more features which are very important for a Muslim. Like every day due, hadiths, 99 Names of Allah and others features.



Android :

  1.  Play Store: Download Muslim Pro App
  2.  Premium Version: Download Muslim Pro Premium

For iPhone: Download Muslim Pro




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