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Huawei P10 Specifications Review


We can’t spend a day without our smartphone.We can lead our life without our Girlfriend but we can’t do it without a smartphone. The smartphone is the most valuable friend in our life. There are many high-quality smartphones leads the world market and Huawei one of them. Within a few days, Huawei made their fame in the entire world. in 2016 Huawei released their last flagship smartphone which was Huawei P9, and that was a big hit from Huawei. This year Huawei will come with their new and the latest flagship smartphone P10! Huawei P series is a very good Android smartphone series all over the world.


Huawei P10 Design: 


P10 Design will be very good, it will be like iPhone 6s, more rounded design. And it will be easier to handle more than other devices. I don’t know why Huawei p10 design made by inspired from iPhone 6s! Huawei is a lead smartphone company and p9 was a big hit then why p10 design inspired from iPhone old smartphone iPhone 6s!! If you see iPhone 6s and Huawei p10 smartphones from a distance then you can’t recognize which one is Huawei p10!!

Look at this picture, you will get the answer,

huawei p10 specifications review price


If you are a fan of iPhone but you don;t like apple’s ios features or interface then you can buy huawei p10, it will give two facilities! People will be thinking you are using iPhone and another thing is Huawei p10 is one of the best Android smartphones in 2017! Despite looking like iPhone 6s, much of the design style on the P10 is also similar to the Huawei P9, I think it’s simple and it could be. and it is better than the p9 device.


The Power button on the right-hand side of the phone, and its little bit different from others Huawei smartphone. and it feels different enough with the volume rocker button. The back of the phone is a full-metal body lite it’s before p9, but this time has slightly different effects to choose from. Huawei P10 has added two reflections dazzling metal color effect and it is so cool to look. Huawei P10 Has five color options, and these are black, green, silver, gold and rose gold. Huawei has also added a white Ceramic version like xiaomi mi6! which is made of metal but it comes with a ceramic effect on top.

huawei p10 colors ceramic


If you want to buy Huawei p10 then I recommend to you that you should buy Dazzling Blue or Dazzling Gold Color smartphone, because it looks so cool with others. Huawei p10 is a very good designed smartphone from others Huawei devices. But I want to mention again that Huawei p10 looks like iPhone 6s.


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Huawei p10 has a 5.1-inch display that’s pretty good and much bright. Its display has a very much high resolution. After announce of p10 Sony announced their 4k resolution display! and Samsung and LG has already HD display like p10. I think p10 need to change the display system but they can’t! I don’t know why!


Price & Release Date:

Now this smartphone available in UK and Australia. after few months it will come in the USA! In the UK its price about £569.99, and it will cost $899 in Australia! As usual, p10 is more expensive than p9!


Thank  You very much for reading this article. Please forgive my mistakes. And focus on content. So, who are waiting for Huawei p10?? Comment your think and share it with your friends. Thank You again.


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